German Long-haired Pointer (Langhaar)

A Few Key Features of the Dog

Height Weight
Male height: 62-67 inches Male weight: approximately 30
Female height: 58 to 64 inches Female weight: approximately 30

  • Typical coat color is pale brown or the color of fallen leaves. Also brown with white or gray markings; dark or light gray with a brown head and dots; spotted trout.
  • Who is acknowledged: FCI and SCS

Origins of the breed

The German Long-haired Pointer is descended from the same ancestors as the Kurzhaar and the Drathaar. The ancient water spaniel, which used to be common in Germany, especially in Westphalia, is most likely to be found among these dogs. Black and red dogs can’t be German long-haired because they are probably descended from Irish setters, Hornets, or Newfoundlands.

Every so often, these breeds were bred with Langhaars, which gave them an unattractive, rough body and a strange color. The Langhaar is effective in hunting and in inaccessible ridges and marshes. Historically, these dogs were used for falconry and hawk hunting.

Germany is the birthplace of the breed. The initial characteristics of the breed were identified in 1877, although purebred dogs were not produced until 1879. In the 1920s, the breed was bred with the Irish Setter and the Setter-Gordon, which resulted in a more refined and refined look.


There is no sign of anxiousness in the dog’s demeanor, which is both vivacious and tranquil. When necessary, it is a calm dog, but it can also be energetic and nimble, particularly when playing with youngsters, whom it enjoys.

Langhaar has an exceptional sense of smell and hearing, and she is an exceptional tracker and swimmer.


A brown coat with shine. The coat is of average length, stiff to the touch, and not smooth in texture. The length of the fur is not excessive enough to make grooming a laborious process.


Long walks in the fresh air are essential to this breed’s daily regimen.


The Langhaar is easily trainable, obedient to its master, and eager to follow directions. They are simple to teach and these dogs are intelligible.

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