Ibizan Hound (Podenco Ibicenco)

The Ibizan hound is a medium-sized, tall, short-haired or stiff-haired dog with erect ears. The color may be monochromatic or any mix of white, chestnut, or “lion”. The mature dog is between 56 and 74 centimeters tall and weighs between 19 and 25 kg.

  • Dogs that are appropriate for novice owners
  • Requires some training
  • Prefers energetic walks
  • A dog likes a daily one-hour stroll
  • Poor salivation
  • Requires weekly grooming
  • Non-hypoallergenic dog strain
  • Quiet dog
  • There are no safeguarding characteristics
  • Could need training to coexist with other animals
  • Training may be necessary to interact with youngsters


This breed is a living representation of history. The history of the Ibizan hound may be traced back to before 4000 B.C. This breed is mostly linked with the era of the pharaohs. It was shown on many kinds of fabrics, with Anubis being the most noticeable figure.

Interestingly, the breed has remained unchanged for countless millennia. The Ibizan hound was brought by Phoenician merchants to the Balearic Islands. Currently, they are still employed throughout Spain and the nearby islands.


This dog is very loving and sensitive. With proper training, it makes a fantastic pet because of its extreme loyalty. However, this breed is not appropriate for calm individuals since they bark rather loudly. They want companionship and should not be left alone for extended periods.


These dogs depend more on sight than instinct while hunting. They like running and can do great sprints, leaving their owner far behind! Indoors, they often adopt a laid-back demeanor. Outdoors, though, they are constantly seeking prey to pursue.

If a pursuit has already started, dogs typically ignore their master’s orders. They like leashed walks. They like being outside, but may grow apprehensive of unknown cats or tiny, fuzzy animals. Furthermore, they are reserved and seldom express their feelings to others overtly. Typically, they get along nicely with other canines.

Good health (problems)

The Ibizan hound is typically highly robust and resilient. A few health issues have been identified with the breed. There have been reports of certain neurological issues, although these are quite uncommon.

Physical Exercise

Adult dogs of this breed need a couple of hours of daily physical exercise. Motivated by play, they will run continuously. As a result, it is critical to train your dog to consistently respond to its name. Training should be conducted in regions free of traffic and other dangers.


Your dog’s food should have an ideal balance of all the main nutritional groups, and fresh, clean water should always be available. To keep your dog in tip-top form, it is necessary to routinely evaluate his physical health. Furthermore, don’t forget to feed your pet at least twice a day, following the feeding instructions that come with each meal.

Skin Care

Both the short-haired and long-haired versions of the Ibizan hound do not need complex care. In both instances, a weekly brushing is enough.

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