American Pitbull Terrier

The American Pitbull Terrier dog breed is sometimes also called the American Staffordshire dog breed.

This breed of dog is actually a descendant of fighting bulldogs, which were typically bred by English butchers to let their dogs fight one another. Want to learn more about the American Pitbull Terrier? Read this article!


  • The American Pitbull Terrier has a history of being misunderstood, which is probably why it’s had such an interesting development.
  • Originally bred for entertainment in blood sport fights and to be a “catch dog” for hunting other animals, this breed has been forced to prove its friendliness and usefulness over time.
  • In the 19th century, it was one of the most popular dog breeds in America.
  • The American Pitbull Terrier is still popular today—the number one registered dog breed in the United States as of 2013-2014—but there still exists some stigma around the type due to misconceptions about its traits and capabilities.

Breed Characteristics

Energetic and outgoing, the American Pitbull Terrier is a dog breed that can be extremely social and active with their families. If you’re looking for an energetic dog to keep you company but also give your dog plenty of exercise, this is the right choice for you!

It’s important to know that this breed isn’t always going to be as friendly with strangers as they are with those they know well. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t friendly, but it’s in their nature to be suspicious of newcomers instead of jumping into new situations with no hesitation.

They enjoy going on walks or jogs. They will love having a fenced-in backyard so that they can run around whenever they please. Likewise, they are happiest when given plenty of exercise!


  • The American Pit Bull Terrier is an extremely adaptable breed that can fit into many situations.
  • There is a reason why they are the third most popular dog in America.
  • This breed is especially good with children and other pets, making them good for families.
  • They are also great guard dogs, which makes them perfect for single people or anyone living alone who wants a companion to keep them safe.
  • Their high-energy level means this breed needs a job, whether that be working as a police dog or having regular training sessions with their owner.


American Pitbull Terrier dogs are a popular choice for dog lovers. But with popularity comes increased likelihood of having a dog in your home that will experience health problems.

Some say there is little more heartbreaking than caring for your dog and then losing him to illness. However, if you’re prepared, you can help ensure that your pet lives the longest, fullest life possible.

As you’ve learned from reading this section, American Pitbull Terriers tend to suffer from various health issues due to their genetics and being a very active breed.

While we cannot prevent our dogs from ever contracting an illness or disease, we can minimize the risk by ensuring they get proper care and maintenance.

By keeping these tips in mind when dealing with your Pitbull Terrier’s health, you can do everything in your power to keep him or her healthy and happy.

American Pitbull Terrier dog

Grooming Needs

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed of dog that is recognized for its strength, endurance, and power. This breed needs moderate exercise each day, and when it is not being exercised, the breed needs to have time to relax.

This breed does well in both cold and warm climates, so owners can live in many regions without having to worry about the climate impacting their dog’s health. The breed does have some grooming requirements, but these are generally minimal.

Dogs require teeth brushing regularly, and their nails need to be trimmed regularly as well. Bathing should be done as needed or when the dog gets dirty.

Most dogs will do fine with minimal bathing, since they typically stay clean thanks to their short coat. The ears should be checked on a weekly basis for signs of infection or irritation, as well as cleaned if they get dirty during this process. The American Pit Bull Terrier has an average life expectancy of 12 years when properly cared for.

Size and Weight

  • Male American Pitbull Terriers average at around 50 pounds, and females are mostly less than that.
  • Both genders tend to be leaner than other breeds, but still muscular.
  • American Pitbull Terrier personality traits depend on the dog’s upbringing, but most of them are loyal, affectionate pets that love to play and make great companions for kids or older people.
  • They’re intelligent dogs with a lot of energy and desire to please their owners, traits that make them easy to train. They can be stubborn at times, however (all dogs can), so it’s best to make sure you’re assertive when training an American Pitbull Terrier pup.
  • Likewise, they love exercise, so a long walk every day is necessary for good mental health. It helps if your dog is used to being alone sometimes as well, since they dislike being left out of the action.


Of course, not all Pitbulls are created equal. It’s important to understand that each Pitbull is an individual with his or her own unique personality and temperament. Some may be ultra-friendly, while others can be reserved.

But in general, they are outgoing and affectionate dogs with a lot of energy and enthusiasm who love to play with other dogs and people alike. American Pitbull Terriers are loyal companions who want nothing more than to please their owners. They’re usually friendly toward other dogs and animals, which makes them excellent family pets, they’ll grow up great friends with the kids.

They’ll also get along well with cats if introduced slowly; once the two species have become familiarized enough, they can get along just fine, too (but never leave your house without your cat in tow).

Likewise, they are intelligent dogs that work as service dogs for the blind and as therapy dogs for those suffering from PTSD or anxiety disorders due to their love for helping those in need.

Sometimes even military veterans will use them as watchdogs because of their fearless nature around the base perimeter or city streets at night when walking through minefields during patrols or exercises.


Pitbull’s terriers are eager to please and highly trainable, which makes for a wonderful canine companion. But as with any dog, training should begin early, and you’ll want to make sure it is positive reinforcement only.

Be firm with your commands, but be positive and kind when things go wrong. Your Pitbull is sensitive and can be effortlessly discouraged by harshness or negativity. With proper training, you’ll have a dog who loves to learn new tricks!


An American Pitbull Terrier’s recommended daily diet can be broken down into three meals, with two snacks or one meal and two snacks given on the days you choose to do so.

Owners should strive to feed their dog around 2.5% of its ideal body weight in food each day (for example, a 10-pound dog should get 250 calories per day out of food). This amount can be divided up however this most convenient or logical for the owner.

For adult dogs not at their ideal body weight, there are also some guidelines as to how much a dog should eat based on its current weight. At 12% of their current body weight, an overweight healthy dog will maintain its figure; this means that if your pooch weighs 20 pounds over its ideal weight, it should get 300 calories from food per day (20 pounds x 12% = 300 calories).

Once again, these are just suggested amounts — consult your veterinarian if you have any questions about these recommendations or to learn what would work best for your particular pet.

Dogs under 6 months old need more than twice as many calories as adults. After six months until adulthood (around 1-year-old) dogs require about 80% of the amount that adults do.

From there on out, they require 2/3rds of what an adult eats, unless there are breed-specific requirements to meet certain weights or growth spurts in puppies (such as teacup breeds that grow at faster rates than larger dogs).

If your pup is already well past its puppy years but still hasn’t reached his expected adult size yet, then it may be time to consider putting him dieting by feeding him less than what you’ve been giving him so far and exercising him more often while reducing his intake of high-calorie treats and table scraps.

Are American Pitbull terriers aggressive?

The American Pitbull Terrier is a recognized breed of dog that descended from the Old English Terrier and still maintains some resemblance to its English counterpart. The American Pitbull Terrier was bred in the United States for fighting other dogs, as well as hunting larger game such as wild boar.

This breed has been selectively bred for centuries to be much more aggressive than other dog breeds, but they are usually not aggressive towards humans unless they are mistreated or provoked.

The American Pitbull Terrier is a medium-sized breed that weighs between 35 and 75 pounds when fully grown. They have a smooth coat of short hair and can come in almost any color.

Their fur should be glossy and healthy with very little shedding. This breed has an average lifespan of 12 years, but some individuals can live up to 15 years if they are properly cared for by their owners.

Pitbulls have a strong jaw capable of exerting an incredible amount of pressure when biting down on something, which makes them excellent hunters and fighters.

They also tend to become especially loyal to their owners, often serving as protective guard dogs for their families when needed. As this dog shares, many traits with its cousin the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is sometimes confused for it (they were both bred from the same lineage).

It may be surprising that this breed is actually illegal in the UK due to their reputation as dangerous fighting dogs. In fact, the Pitbull tends to be banned or highly regulated in several countries throughout the world due to fears over aggression towards humans, despite research indicating otherwise.

Is a Pitbull Terrier a good family dog?

While the American Pit Bull Terrier, or Pit Bull for short, is a popular dog breed, it’s not the best choice for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about this breed before bringing one home.

Foremost, keep in mind that a Pit Bull isn’t a breed itself but instead represents a category of dogs including many breeds (American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, etc.). Therefore, any generalizations made here are true of all breeds within this category. The first thing you need to understand about Pit Bulls is that they’re highly social animals and love being around people.

While they can make good pets for families with children under supervision, if you have small kids who like to hang on their pets’ necks and jump on them constantly, choosing another dog would be wiser. Otherwise, your Pit will likely get hurt—or worse—will afford to protect yourself from the child.

They’re also one of the best guard dogs available because they exhibit an independent streak when it comes to strangers and will likely bark when someone new approaches your house or walks down your street.

They won’t require much in the way of training either—most learn quickly how to behave off-leash due to their high intelligence level and enjoy pleasing those around them by listening well and doing as they’re told (they’ve been known to respond even better than border collies).

American Pitbull terrier price

The American Pitbull terrier, also known as an APBT, is a popular household pet and show dog that has a history of being bred to fight other animals.

While some APBTs are still used for fighting, many people are working to fight bad press by embracing the breed’s positive traits and good qualities.

In general, the price of an APBT puppy goes from $1500–$6000, but can be much higher if they come from champion stock or were bred with other champion dogs.

Price of an adult Pitbull varies depending on how closely it matches the ideal look at the specific time. The cheapest varieties are often called “Pitbull mixes,” which are not purebred dogs but rather mutts who resemble Pit Bulls in appearance (and might even have Pit Bull DNA).


Pitbull terriers are a playful, affectionate, and loyal dog breed. They love to be around people and other dogs. They also make good family dogs.

Likewise, they can be trained to be well-behaved, so they can live in an apartment or in the country with a big yard. They are active dogs that will need plenty of time outside to play each day.

Like most medium-sized breeds, they do best when they have a job to do, such as hunting or doing tasks around the house.

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