Hamiltonstovare is an intelligent, strong hound of medium to large size. Its body length is slightly longer than its height. The coat is short, close-fitting to the body, with a color of tricolor (black, papal and white). Adult males are 53-61 cm tall and females are 49-57 cm. They weigh 23-27 kg.

  • Dogs suitable for owners with little experience
  • Requires some level of training
  • Prefers active walks
  • The average dog prefers to walk an hour or two a day
  • Average dog
  • Poor salivation
  • Requires weekly grooming
  • Non-hypoallergenic breed
  • A very loud dog
  • No guarding skills
  • May require training to socialize with other pets
  • Ideal for family life


The Hamiltonstovare is one of the most popular hounds in its native Sweden. The breed was bred in the late 19th century by Count Adolf Hamilton, one of the founders of the Swedish Kennel Club, after whom the breed is named.

Foxhounds, harriers, and various German hounds (including Holsteiner hounds and long-legged Kurland hounds) were involved in the creation of the breed. The dog does not work in a pack, unlike other hounds, but hunts alone or in pairs.


This malleable hound will be a loving companion if provided the opportunity to display his hunting instincts. The dog loves life outside the city. It is willing to follow the trail for many miles, so it is imperative to teach it to respond steadily to the name.

You should also install a secure fence in your garden. Hounds love people and show affection. However, they can be too mischievous and energetic, which is dangerous for young children.


The dog’s favorite activity is to follow a scent and find objects thanks to its incredible sense of smell. This breed was specially bred to cover long distances. These dogs need plenty of exercise.

However, sometimes it is difficult to train a pet to return on command when it is chasing an odor of interest. Some find traditional training pointless. But if you add games and flair tasks to your daily training, you’ll have the most adorable and fun companion.

Health (problems)

The Hamiltonstovare is generally a healthy and sturdy breed. No common specific issues have been identified.

Physical Activities

The Hamiltonstovare is not a breed that will settle for a quick walk around the block twice a day. This active, energetic dog requires at least two hours of physical activity per day.

Preferably, let your dog off leash in a safe area where he can run around and use his olfactory talents to his advantage. If the dog gets bored or does not get enough exercise, he will exhibit destructive behavior and will dig, chew, and bark to amuse himself.


Your dog’s diet should provide an optimal balance of all major nutrient groups, and don’t forget that your dog should always have access to fresh and clean water.

It is important to regularly assess the dog’s body condition to keep the pet in perfect shape. Furthermore, don’t forget to feed your pet at least twice a day according to the nutritional recommendations that come with certain foods.

Hair Care

The Hamiltonstovare is a breed with a soft undercoat, which gets especially thick in winter, and a top coat that protects against adverse weather conditions. The coat does not require complicated care; just brush the dog weekly.

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